Discover the Benefits of Propane

Switch to a safe and clean fuel source

Ditch oil or electric heat for a greener, safer fuel option.

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Use propane to heat your home all season long.

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Keep your business running smoothly with propane fuel.

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propane delivery services in Mattapoisett, MA

Choose a Safe and Reliable Fuel Source

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If you don't want to rely on oil or electric heat, make the switch to propane fuel. It's a safe, natural fuel option for homes and businesses. Residential and commercial properties use propane as fuel for interior heating and hot water.

Our fuel trucks provide fast deliveries to residential and commercial customers. You can call to request a one-time delivery or set up automatic delivery service. No matter what, you can expect Sea Gas to arrive on schedule. Contact us today to become a Sea Gas customer!

Switch to a clean and safe fuel source

Propane is a green fuel, which means that it's easy on the environment. It's a clean and versatile energy source that's safe for use in homes and businesses.Tanks can be installed above ground or underground, sized to fit your application.

Get in touch with us now to take advantage of the many benefits of propane fuel.

When you use propane fuel, it's important to know how to operate your tank safely. You can trust Sea Gas to demonstrate the proper use of your propane tank and propane fueled appliances.

Ready to sign up for propane deliveries from Sea Gas? To become a customer, register online today. Have a concern? If you can't reach us, you'll reach our 24-hour service and we will respond.

propane in Mattapoisett, MA

Sea Gas Corporation supplies propane for a wide range of residential and commercial properties, including:




Agricultural Businesses

Rental properties

Construction sites

Manufacturing facilities